The Nursery Environment

When we talk about a Nursery environment, we are referring to the prepared environment for infants aged 4 months to 18 months, always considering the educational needs of the children.

This space should be seen as a welcoming, familial, intimate, and safe living environment.

The Nursery Environment Below, we present the main characteristics of a Nursery environment:

  •  It provides meaningful experiences for the child, respecting their own pace.

  • An environment where the child can explore, as independence is fostered through free movement, motivated by activities that are mostly not directed by adults. Thanks to these activities, the child discovers their own possibilities and capabilities.

  • A space where the child feels accepted and secure. As an extension of the home environment, it offers calming effects based on continuous relationships with the adult and the environment, both of which promote the child's development.

  • Tailored to the child, organized into well-defined areas with materials that respond to real needs and exploratory interest characteristic of this stage.

  • The aesthetic aspect, colours, choice of furniture, decoration, quality of lighting... everything should be harmonious, as at this stage, children are particularly influenced by the stimuli presented by their surroundings.

  • Babies rest in low cribs, practically at ground level, to promote free movement and, in this way, learn to be aware of their needs and autonomy.

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