Our Methodology

At Mountain Peak Montessori School we recognize the importance of the teacher's role, including directed activities in our daily routines. These moments are carried out with our own material and following a pedagogy developed by professionals in different educational fields.

Circle time is essential in our students routines, where they learn leadership skills and how to speak in public while working on the days of the week and the weather. It takes place at the beginning of the day, being a meeting place for students and teachers, becoming an ideal way to face a new day.

During circle time we all recognize our emotions and those of others, identifying how everybody is feeling and how to manage those feelings correctly.

Each week we dedicate a session to work on the country of the month, where we introduce the culture and customs of that country. This allows our students to learn about the origin of different families in the center, as well as those things that make us unique and different. In this type of project the students remain active and motivated at all times, as they explore environments until now unknown to them.

Another weekly session is the traveling book, which is created together with our families. They are the ones who fill its pages with all the adventures lived together with our school mascot, thus creating a tight family-school relationship. During this activity the children feel like the real protagonists, sharing their experiences with their classmates.

Three days a week, during the second work session of the day, we carry out a monthly project. This originates at circle time, taking as a basis the interests and concerns shown by the students. All activities involve observation, exploration and manipulation where everyone participates actively.

The fundamental pillar of our educational method is that we do everything with love and care, by and for the children. We are dreamers in constant movement and change, growing with them.