The beginning of the school year: Tips for the First Few Days

We approach a significant date on the calendar: the beginning of the school year for many of our students for the first time. This marks one of the most important changes in their lives, as they separate from their families, leave their homes, and spend the day in an unfamiliar environment. This significant change will introduce new routines, new relationships beyond their family environment, and a new space to explore. Therefore, it is a big step that can initially be a bit stressful, but they will gradually adapt to it.

The process of adaptation is crucial because boys and girls experience gaining the security and confidence they already have at home. This work allows them to develop their own personality and autonomy in the long term.

Tips for the First Few Days:

  •  Stay Calm and Confident: The best gift you can give your children on the first day is to stay calm and confident. Children are very sensitive to emotions and can sense them even if we try to hide them. Show them that you are secure and have confidence that you have chosen the best school for them.

  •  Say Goodbye: Always, always say goodbye to them. They should know that you have to leave. Tell them when you will come to pick them up, referencing a specific event (for example, "I'll pick you up after lunch"). They may not have a sense of time yet, but routines help them understand what will happen at each moment.

  •  Keep Goodbyes Short: Make the goodbye brief. Keep it short and cheerful.

  •   Understand that crying is normal: It's normal for little ones to cry during the first days. Most commonly, they may cry on and off during the first day and gradually reduce that time until they are completely happy.

  •   Avoid Negative Phrases: Refrain from using negative phrases like "Don't cry, Mommy is leaving sad" "Oh, poor thing, we're leaving you all alone," "What have they done to you?" These messages convey negativity and, what we want is for it to be a positive experience.

  •  Avoid Introducing More Changes: Starting school is already a significant change in their lives, so introducing additional changes such as potty training, giving up the pacifier, changes in diet, etc., can make adaptation more challenging. It's better to wait a bit until they are fully adjusted.

 Most importantly, show them your happiness and enthusiasm, just as much as we are excited to have them at the school.


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