Transition from Nursery to School

At the age of three, a very important change takes place in the lives of our students: they take another step in the educational stage, saying goodbye to nursery school.

It is a very emotional moment for both pupils and families. The end of their stay at a nursery is accompanied by a feeling of nostalgia for what they are leaving behind and, on the other hand, it generates excitement and "fear" for the unknown. After all, this means leaving behind a familiar environment, where children know and trust each other, to a school, with a new routine and new peers.

Here are some tips to help the whole family cope with the change:

  • Empathise with your child: talk to him/her about this new stage, in a very positive way, about all the good things he/she will find there, about everything he/she will learn and show all your support and confidence.

  • Do not anticipate the return to school too much: children do not yet have the concept of time acquired, and do not understand whether September is a long time away or tomorrow.

  • Before the start of the school year, it is very important to visit the school, to familiarize them with the place, so that they lose their fear of the unknown.

  • Go together to buy the school materials they will need. Make them participate in the choice of some material, such as the choice of their backpack, pencil case, some pencils... This will help them to feel involved and to look forward to the day when they will be able to use it for the first time.

  • Timetable routine, the first few days at school for older children are usually a time of adaptation. Take the opportunity at home to create a routine timetable so that every morning there is time to get up and have breakfast, without rushing or rushing.

  • Quick and affectionate farewells. The first days of school can be a difficult time to separate. For this reason, we must avoid prolonging goodbyes. We must transmit security and calmness, make them see that the school is a safe place and that they will have a great time

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