Next Tuesday 18th JUNE 2024 is the graduation of our students BORN IN 2021.

ALL students should come to school as usual at 9.00, both those who are graduating and those who are not.

A maximum of 2 ADULTS per child may attend. They do not necessarily have to be parents/guardians, for example, if a parent is unable to attend, 1 grandparent may come, but NEVER MORE THAN 2 ADULTS PER CHILD. Siblings are welcome and do not count as adults.

It is compulsory that at least 1 adult per child attends. If the adult is unable to attend, the child CANNOT COME TO THE SCHOOL THAT DAY.

Families must be at the centre at 10.30. the graduation ceremony itself will last until 11.15, after which we will have a lunch courtesy of the centre. At 12.00 the graduation is over and the children can either stay in school and continue their day as usual or go home with you. During the lunch time, each adult is responsible for his/her child, as there are many children and adults, teachers will be controlling everything in a general way.

Remember that is a special day for them, in case you are going to leave them at school, the farewell should be as respectful and quick as possible. Never leave children unattended, inform a teacher before you leave.


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