Early Stimulation Workshop

Oral language stands as one of the most powerful tools we possess for communicating with others. Language stimulation in early childhood is fundamental, aiding in proper development and the acquisition of social skills.

In order to continue enhancing the quality of our teaching-learning process for our students, we are continuing Early Stimulation Workshops throughout December. These aim to improve linguistic skills and prevent potential speech difficulties.

The objectives of this Oral Language Stimulation Workshop are as follows:

  • Stimulate speech and provide correct models for imitation.

  • Encourage the functional use of oral language as a means of communication and representation.

  • Create and stimulate the development of communication situations, respecting norms through games and storytelling as playful and creative language strategies.

  • Foster, through diverse situations, different uses of language, thereby nurturing key linguistic skills and functions.

  • Prevent potential difficulties related to language and speech.

  • Expand vocabulary.

  • Enhance oral expression.

These activities will be conducted in a playful manner during school hours (45 minutes per session).

Monthly fee: 25€.

For more information, please feel free to contact to our teaching team.

Mountain Peak British School

+34 611 052 137

[email protected]