The school assembly

The school assembly (circle time) is the most enriching moment of the day, whose main objective is promoted communication. The day begins with a welcome song. During this time, the children acquire a set of values that are internalized through repetition. This is why we start creating this routine from the nursery environment. During these minutes, the Montessori guide and assistant promote social relationships, respect, concentration, and the development of empathy in the children.

Daily tasks performed during the school assembly:

• We sing the "Good morning" song.

• We take attendance to see who is in the environment and who hasn't attended the school.

• We review colours and use sign language for support.

• We mention the day of the week.

• We record the weather and look out the window.

• We work on emotions and feelings.

• We sing songs and, at the same time, practice taking turns to choose our song.

• We read a story related to the project we are working on.

• We give children the opportunity to share their real or imagined adventures.

 Benefits of the school assembly:

Social: The assembly is one of the moments where socialization is promoted the most throughout the morning, enhancing group belonging, friendship, solidarity, and respect for coexistence rules.

Emotional: Establishment of bonds among children and with the guides.

Cognitive: It promotes attention development and the acquisition of knowledge related to projects.

Linguistic: It enhances expression, comprehension, vocabulary acquisition, as well as the acquisition of communication norms such as taking turns to speak and listening to others.

We advocate for the school assembly to continue in higher educational stages as it promotes values education and prepares students for life.

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